Happy Father’s Day


Although seafoods were fresh and plentiful back in Malaysia, I had eaten a lobster only once before today, and that was almost 20 years ago. I had it in a restaurant, and it was hard, rubbery, and bland and I thought to myself, “This is what I’m paying for?”

I had often thought of trying it again since then but I was reluctant to pay the price. Not only that, I was intimidated about cooking these crustacean creatures (do I really have to kill them first?).  Then, recently, I caught a video of the Maine Lobster Festival on Blue Ribbon Hunter, and learned about the cold water method of cooking lobsters. I was totally intrigued.

Fast forward a little bit, and it’s Father’s Day! And our local grocery store is selling live lobsters at $7.99 per pound! Wow! Now, that’s a price I can swallow. Typically, it runs about $13.99 per pound here. We purchased two and prep was super easy. Fill a large pot with water and add about a couple tablespoons of salt. Place the lobsters in the water, cover, and bring water to a boil. Once water comes to a boil, we uncover the pot and let it continue to boil for two minutes. Turn off heat and remove the lobsters to a plate. Enjoy!

They were definitely a treat – messy but delicious! The tail turned out a little chewy but the rest of the lobster produced tender meat. Should we reduce the cooking time and remove the lobster right as the water comes to a boil? I can’t decide. My favorite part was the tomalley! :) And both our lobsters had lots of tomalley. Keith’s favorite were the claws. We ate our lobsters with two kinds of dipping sauce – garlic butter and a combination of soy sauce and chili sauce. Yum!

Happy Father’s Day!






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4 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Bonnie says:

    It looks beautiful!
    You are brave.


  2. Nasifriet says:

    Hi Chris, long time no see!!! Good to read you again. Love the colour-change of the uncooked to the cooked. I’ve never prep a live lobster before. Crabs, yes and that was many moons ago. I’m sure the end result on your plate was absolutely yummy. Who doesn’t like lobsters, right😄


    • Chris says:

      Hi Isadora,

      Long time no see indeed! I saw that I missed several of your posts but am finally caught up. Hopefully, I’ll have a little more time to blog this summer and to catch up with you. :)


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