Reindeer Noses

100_9052 copy

Here I was, scrambling the evening before the last day of our homeschooling group (we break for the holidays), wondering what simple treats we can make for the kiddos in Alex’s class. In came Google to save the day. :D We found these too adorable for words Reindeer Noses treats…no baking involved…whew! Made a quick trip to a couple of stores to get the supplies and ta da…Reindeer Noses! I have to say it was a family affair. Keith helped print out the labels and Alex helped with the packaging and we had it done in less than an hour (at 10pm!) That was a close call!

P.S. Label is a freebie from Kate Hadfield Designs. You’re a lifesaver!
P.P.S. If you decide to try making this next year, make sure you have enough Whoppers to allow for self-indulgence (Yum!) Trust me on this. :D
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2 Responses to Reindeer Noses

  1. Bonnie says:

    Those are totally cute! And nice that everyone could be involved. :)


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